Football to Start Season Games


Varsity football team sets up for the next football team. Photo by Margie Savage

Margie Savage, Photo Editor

   The football team gears up for the start of the season. A team of 21 seniors prepare for their first game at Rusk on August 30.

   “One of the things I love about this team is that they genuinely care about each other. In the locker rooms, hallways, and even outside of school,” offensive coordinator Stoney Patton said. “There can be a lot of special things that can happen with a chemistry like that.”

   Two a days began on August 1, and the teams practiced for about six hours a day. At first, they worked on conditioning, and gradually worked up to playing in pads. 

   “I am proud of how far this team has come in the short amount of practice time we’ve had,” senior Drew Willaims said. “I really think we can have a great season if we can keep up the hard work.”

    There are six pre-district games including the scrimmages against Teague and Gatesville. The district competition will begin with the Lorena Leopards. 

  “I think the daily grind is going to be our hardest competition,” head coach John  Bachtel said . “ If we can get 1% better each day, then we will defeat mediocrity.

   This year our coaches have expressed that they expect great growth from their football players as young men and as athletes. 

   “Our two scrimmages so far has seen all our guys get quality reps and when someone does good, all of our teammates have celebrated with them,” Patton said. “It makes it where everyone enjoys it and everyone is playing for each other.”